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The Alfa Romeo Giulia TI matches its external beauty with potent performance and superb handling.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TI repeats its grand entrance

When Alfa Romeo decided to re-enter the U.S. market, it wanted to create a corporate icon to lead the way, and the Giulia luxury-sport sedan may have overshot its target.

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Combining Mazda technology with Italian style makes the Fiat 124 Spider extra appealing.

Colorful leaves enhance 124 Spider image

Instead of simply rebadging the excellent Mazda MX-5 Miata, Fiat's arrangement to recreate the iconic 124 Spider required considerable alteration. And it works to create a stylis

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Thor's Hammer light design, familiar grille denote new-breed Volvos.

Always-safe Volvos add style, technology for 2018

Volvo has never wavered from its all-consuming focus on safety, but Geely ownership has led to new style and performance for the full line of sedans and SUVs.

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dodge Hellcat  powrtrain finds spectacular home in Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2018.

Potent Trackhawk becomes ultimate Jeep

Jeep's Grand Cherokee is popular both on-road and off-road, but when it becomes the 707-horsepower Trackhawk for 2018, it adds racetracks to its domain.

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Hyundai cut every corner to create the Ioniq, a stylish compact with all forms of hybrid/electric power.

Ioniq aims at top hybrid, electric status

Hyundai's new Ioniq has style and surprising interior room, yet a compact exterior, with hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or pure electric powertrains, all of which rank at the top of the

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The Nissan Rogue is such a popular SUV it has expanded into a new and more compact vehicle, the Rogue Sport.

Sport means SUV compacting has gone Rogue

SUVs gave way to crossovers, and the trend now is to compact crossovers. Nissan has come out with the Rogue Sport, a better way of reducing the size of the larger Rogue.

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Sporty SUV is Infiniti QX-30 in foreground; sleek sports coupe is Lexus RC350 left rear; latest version of hot hatchback is Volkswagen Golf R, upper right.

Picking new vehicle now has expanded scope

Consumers are trying to decide among compact crossover SUVs these days, but why limit the choices? Sporty coupes and even hot hatchbacks are better than ever and eminently availa

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The long-awaited Focus RS finally brings turbo and AWD version to U.S.

RS gives U.S. buyers new Focus on fun

Ford has always given Europe a hot Focus compact, but never brought it into the U.S. until finally letting us see what all the fuss was about with the Focus RS.

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Alfa's new Stelvio Ti flashes familiar face, but it is a high-tech SUV for 2018.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio is SUV for S-curves

Alfa Romeo has built a glorious reputation on passionate sporty cars, and it has adapted its heritage to building the Stelvio, and SUV for S-Curves.

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Corolla celebrates 50th anniversary with style, handling, slick CVT.

Corolla moves on, ahead of new engine

Toyota is in the process of revising and updating its engines, but the Corolla couldn't wait. The 2017 model celebrates the compact's 50th anniversary and it performs well enough

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