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Blue of 2020 Corolla Hybrid blends with Lake Superior blue.

New Corolla Adds Hybrid, Global Platform

The Corolla has been such a staple of Toyota durability that it needed a shake-up, and the tighter, stronger 2020 Corolla Hybrid is more than just a Prius with a trunk.

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Stelvio Is the SUV That Thinks It's a Race Car

Alfa Romeo cut a corner to build its first SUV off the Giulia platform, and that's a good thing -- if you like an SUV that thinks it's a race car!

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Menacing grille, LED lighgts and 526 horsepower enliven the Mustang Shelby GT350.

How Much is Too Much? GT350 Just Right

When Ford stops building all cars but the Mustang amid its many SUVs, at least there will be specialty versions like the Shelby GT350, with audible, visible and visceral thrills.

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Styling is dramatic but subtle in feature-filled Passport.

Don't Go Off-Road Without Your Passport

Honda brought back the Passport name, but the new one is all-Honda, with a more rugged attitude and Pilot power for 2019.

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Newest Mazda3 pushes Civic, Corolla, Elantra GT, Jetta to compact challenge.

Mazda3 Gains Style, Luxury, Technology in 2019 Redesign

The Mazda3 has spent three generations becoming the standard of compact cars, and for 2019 it takes a giant step up in luxury and technology, even adding AWD.

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The lure of a home-made ice cream shop was incentive to .parallel park the Ram 3500.

Ram 3500 Aids Surge to No. 2 Slot in U.S. Sales

While Ford's F-Series remains No. 1 in U.S. sales, an amazing surge by Ram, including the huge 3500 HD, has boosted Ram into the No. 2 sales position.

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Dramatic wedge shape starts at aggressive nose, glittering with LED lights.

Upscale Prius Flashes Style, AWD, Great Economy

The Prius began life as Toyota's subcompact hybrid experiment; it has evolved to an upscale Limited with style, AWD and 70-mpg capability.

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Wrangler might be at the upper limits of sophistication, risking its rugged reputation.

Wrangler Keeps Changing, but Stays the Same

Car-makers are scrambling to build new SUVs, but FCA needs only to dip into its Jeep assortment, led by the rugged but refined Wrangler.

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Golf SE nestled amid the late-blooming lupines before challenging potholes.

Golf SE Can Avoid All the Potholes -- Almost

If Volkswagen stops selling the basic Golf SE in the U.S. we'll miss the fun, efficiency, economy, comfort -- and handling to avoid all but the sneakiest potholes!

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The 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited AWD nestled into fields of Idaho Mountain flowers.

Spacious Palisade Gives Hyundai Luxury SUV

Hyundai sells more SUVs than cars nowadays, but it still needed a roomier family hauler and a luxury SUV, so it built the 202 Palisade that hits both objectives.

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