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Seltos takes Kia on its own compact-SUV road

Kia has risen from its position as South Korean subsidiary to Hyundai to go its own way, and the 2021 Seltos proves that conclusively.

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Mazda eases CX-30 between CX-3 and CX-5

Mazda earned its niche in the automotive world with stylish and efficient cars before moving to the SUV world. Now is adding the CX-30 crossover between the CX-3 and CX-5 and man

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Lexus ES300h goes its own way -- smoothly

The Lexus 300 has always been the most basic sedan in Toyota's upscale line, but the new ES 300h has its own platform, newly revised engine and upgraded interior to add a sporty

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Atlas Cross Sport fills VW's SUV niche

Volkswagen has expanded its range of SUVs, and now has provided the new Atlas with a shorter, sportier Cross Sport model for 2020.

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Traverse grows up to challenge Tahoe segment

As Chevrolet seems headed for its previous exisetnce with more vehicles than segments, the almost Tahoe-size Traverse moves in as a 3-row, 7 passenger "near-large" SUV with style

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On a clamer day, the GLB 250 can show off its 20-inch alloy wheels and classy sdtance.

New Mercedes GLB 250 fills curious niche

Mercedes Benz makes all sizes and shapes of cars and SUVs, but my favorites are the compact ones with small but over-achjieving turbo engines -- such as the new GLB 250.

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Big enough for a family to live in, QX80 adorns Lake Superiore North Shore.

Infiniti QX80 shoots for top in size, features

Nissan makes a fleet of SUVs for Infiniti's line that are sleek and agile, but the QX80 remains the large family flagshjp, filled with luxury features.

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XT5 spells crossover highlight for Cadillac

Not to be left behind in the race to cover every SUV segment, Cadillac presents the XT5, which is sleek, sporty and properly luxurious.

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Bright red paint on 2020 Jeep Wrangler doesn't hint at potent turbodiesel power.

Diesel pushes Wrangler above mere icon

While Jeep continues to expand its model line, the iconic Wrangler emerges for 2020 with drivetrain and interior improvements.

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The 2020 Corsair breaks new ground for Lincoln, with compact size housing all that luxury and style.

Corsair joins Lincoln SUV realm

For 2020 Lincoln rolls out the new compact SUV, the Corsair, which takes its place below the Navigator and Aviator in size and fills out the niche for Lincoln.

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