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The 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited AWD nestled into fields of Idaho Mountain flowers.

Spacious Palisade Gives Hyundai Luxury SUV

Hyundai sells more SUVs than cars nowadays, but it still needed a roomier family hauler and a luxury SUV, so it built the 202 Palisade that hits both objectives.

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Golf R turns normal highway drive into autocross-type thrills at every turn.

Golf R Could Be Named 'Golf RRRRRR'

Word that Volkswagen will stop selling the Golf in the U.S. has been tempered with the news that VW will still sell the GTI -- and the AWD Golf R.

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Gas engine can hit 30 mpg, and plug-in hybrid power can reach 80 mpg.

Pacifica Leads Minivan Resurgence with Hybrid Tech

Just when you thought minivans had faded away, the Pacifica Hybrid comes along with potent power, infinite versatility and sporty performance

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All-new Q8 Surprises as More-compact Audi SUV

We're used to higher numbers meaning larger vehicles, but Audi's new Q8 strikes a lower, more compact appearance as the company flagship SUV.

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NSX, Special Tribute Highlight MAMA Rally

Driving the newest cars around Road America is a highlight of the annual MAMA Spring Rally, and while the Acura NSX was the most impressive, we also had a mission.

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Stylishly rugged, the 2019 Toyota 4Runner offers no surprises.

Unbroken 4Runner Keeps On Keepin' On

Toyota remains stubbornly dedicated to not changing for the sake of change, and the 2019 4Runner is evidence that buyers find comfort in the familiarity of a proven model.

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A7 Upgrades for 2019 Both Subtle, Substantial

The luxury A8 is atop Audi's list of fine sedans, but dropping down to the A7 gets you the sane quattro power in a sportier, less costly package.

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Stronger, stiffer platform underlines stylish new Hyundai Santa Fe and its bundle of technology.

Santa Fe is Hyundai's Latest Leap Into Future

Hyundai's all-new 2019 Santa Fe shouldn't be overlooked as its flurry of crossovers boosts its arsenal to seven SUVs -- with more to come. And it loves life on the North Shore!

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Longer Tiguan has optional third-row seat but retains style, solid feel for 2019.

Tiguan Grows Longer, Adds Third Seat Option

When Volkswagen decided that the new Atlas needed a running mate, it stretched the Tiguan stylishly to fit a third-row seat.

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The 50th Anniversary Mustang Bullitt packs boosted power, GT handling as a special model.

Mustang Bullitt Blows Away All but Icy Driveway

The 2019 Mustang Bullitt properly celebrates the 50th anniversary of the movie "Bullitt," which enhanced the status of Steve McQueen and the Mustang.

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