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Golf SE Conquers 29 Below, Guided by Wolf Moon

Who needs street lights when you have a gigantic Wolf Moon to guide your Volkswagen Golf SE across Minnesota's sub-zero chill?

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Restyled Ford Edge comes in sportiest ST form to leave Lake Superior ice fishermen out in the cold.

Sporty Edge ST Features Can Fool You

Ford put a new face on its midsize Edge and gave it an ST sporty version, which was the perfect vehicle for facing Minnesota's harsh winter.

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Accord is bigger and bertter for 2019, and the hybrid version adds power and fuel economy.

Accord Hybrid Over-Runs Demands of Family Sedan

With new engines and a new platform and body, the newest generation Accord moves to the upper echelon of midsize sedans with a high-tech hybrid.

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Trusty 2007 family Mini Cooper proved loyal conveyance through all-night blizzard.

Good 'Ol Mini Weathers the Worst Weather

SUVs make sense in winter, but when we were left with only our decade-old 2007 Mini Cooper, it carried through one of Minnesota's heartiest overnight blizzards, with dignity.

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All-wheel-drive platform with 1.6 Turbo and 7-speed dual-clutch are all Kona assets.

High-tech, Low Price Make Kona New Car Pick of the Year

In the surge toward SUVs, the Hyundai Kona is inexpensive, packed with features, fdun to drive -- and is the 2019 New Car Pick of the Year.

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Holiday gifts can come in all sizes, including cars, and topping our suggestions is the duel between the Mazda CX-3, left, and the Hyundai Kona -- both small, inexpensive SUVs.

Holiday gifts range from cars to tires to starters

Holiday gifts can range from costly to inexpensive, including compact SUVs that are in the mid-$20,000 range, including the Mazda CX-3, left, and the Hyundai Kona.

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There are costlier Mustangs, but the GT Coupe Premium with 460 horsepower and precise handling is more than enough.

Ford conducts intramural Car-SUV duel

The redesigned Edge helps move Ford toward an array of trucks and SUVs, but the best Mustang ever will remain as the only car in Ford's future.

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Comfort and classy features made the Lexus RX350-L a great long-distance ride, but beware of a stubborn nav system.

Lexus RX350-L proper way to test new vehicles

If success in the SUV world depends on luxury and features, the 2019 Lexus RX350-L covers all the bases on a trip to drive other 2019s.

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Tony Swan, looking like he enjoyed the high-tech tools of being an auto journalist, was spotted in the San Antonio airport in April of 2017.

Prominent Minnesota auto writer leaves too soon

For most of the 55 years I knew Tony Swan, he and I were the only two regular auto journalists in the country who were from Minnesota. I stayed, Tony flew to the heights, until h

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The new A4 price reflects its new stature, technology.

Audi A4 matures into sports-luxury sedan

Audi's A4 exemplified the heritage of dedicated performance technology and cost-effectiveness when introduced 23 years ago, and the 2018 model still sets standards.

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