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The long-awaited Focus RS finally brings turbo and AWD version to U.S.

RS gives U.S. buyers new Focus on fun

Ford has always given Europe a hot Focus compact, but never brought it into the U.S. until finally letting us see what all the fuss was about with the Focus RS.

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Alfa's new Stelvio Ti flashes familiar face, but it is a high-tech SUV for 2018.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio is properly exotic SUV

Alfa Romeo has built a glorious reputation on passionate sporty cars, and it has adapted its heritage to building the Stelvio, and SUV for S-Curves.

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Corolla celebrates 50th anniversary with style, handling, slick CVT.

Corolla moves on, ahead of new engine

Toyota is in the process of revising and updating its engines, but the Corolla couldn't wait. The 2017 model celebrates the compact's 50th anniversary and it performs well enough

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A pleasing blend of lines and large -- too large? -- wheels make the CX-3 stand out.

Quick, agile CX-3 swaps room for 38+ mpg

Some might say the Mazda CX-3 is too cramped in the rear seat, but even with AWD, its high-pep 2.0 Skyactiv engine can challenge 40 mpg.

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Infiniti QX30 is AWD SUV  with sports car tendencies.

QX30 and Q60 both spell winners

As the prestige arm of Nissan, Infiniti always gets the good stuff, and the new QX30 compact SUV and the Q60 twin-turbo V6 sports coupe are two of the best examples.

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Tiguan remains in the VW family, but 2018 brings new and larger Tiguan.

New elongated Tiguan springs from VW for 2018

If you're a fan of the squarish, stubby Volkswagen Tiguan, don't worry. VW is bringing out a new and longer Tiguan for 2018, but it will also sell the present model alongside it.

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Compact Elantra Sport GT grows into sporty competitor with midsize entries.

Versatile Elantras even challenge Sonata

As SUVs intrude on sedan territory, Hyundai introduces two new sedans for 2018, a revised and updated Sonata, and an array of several additions to the enlarged-compact Elantra.

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The midsize Volvo XC60 expands on the successful features of the XC90.

Volvo's new XC60 might prove less is more

Volvo's XC90 might be the best large SUV available, but for 2018 Volvo unveils the more compact XC60, built on the same but shorter platform and with the same powertrains.

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Stretching the Soul might be harder to detect than the added zip from its turbo-1.6.

Soul's new turbo model outruns the last cynics

The Kia Soul has always been known as a square little compact, cuddly cute and often filled with stuffed hamsters. For 2017, though, it adds a model with a turbocharged 1.6-liter

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The compact Sentra has a reputation of being boring, but not with its new turbocharged engine.

Compact Rogue, Sentra set tempo for Nissan

Nissan's Rogue crossover is a fixture in the auto world, but the overlooked Sentra compact gets new life for 2017 with a turbocharger in the SR model.

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