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4Runner adds loaded TRD Sport

Toyota already is through four generations of the venerable 4Runner, and for 2022, it adds a flashy TRD Sport model that expands its versatility

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Grand Cherokee gets the 'L' in there for 2022

When Jeep brought out the fifth generation of the Grand Cherokee for 2021, it added a stylish "L" version, elongated to contain a third-row seat.

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Right tires can improve Cadillac XT5 and XT6

Cadillac addressed both midsize lengths with the 2022 XT5 and XT6, but make sure you have the best tires for winter driving.

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...and even a winter storm couldn't dim the Niro's functionality.

All-electric Kia Niro powers through Duluth test

Kia brought out the Niro as a compact hybrid, but for 2022 an all-electric version offers silent but quick acceleration and 237 miles of range, even while visiting Duluth winter.

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New Sienna is Toyota's link to exciting future

Toyota has big plans for future hybrids, but for 2022, the Sienna HSE is both a hybrid and uses all-wheel-drive to aid customers.

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2022 Suburban fills huge body with luxury

Chevrolet gave its huge Suburban a new platform for 2021, so for 2022 it gains refinement of features such as suspension and interior amenities.

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Kia varies 2022 Carnival forms, prices

Koa's long-standing Sedona has been a solid minivan, but as the segment regroups, the superb Carnival replaces the Sedona for 2022.

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Best Prius yet adds AWD, Lithium-ion battery

Toyota continues to set the pace for hybrid technology, and the 2022 Prius XLE features 50-plus mpg and all-wheel drive.

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Aviator Hybrid comfortable way to make memories

.Lincoln is stepping out of the shadow of Ford's truck and SUV domination, offering an Aviator Hybrid that could stir up the luxury 3-row SUV segment

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The 2022 Ford Maverick is conveniently downsized but retains the look of a larger pickup.

Modern Maverick could be Ford's bargain bonanza

Just when you thought Ford had blanketed the pickup industry, it brings out an attention-grabbing Maverick compact pickup price from $20,000 for 2022.

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