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The Jeep Gladiator strikes a mystical image against Lake Superior at dusk.

Gladiator opens new doors for Jeep

Jeep used to have a utility pickup, and for its long-awaited return as the 2020 Gladiator, it gives the company a full array of useful and fun attractions.

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4. Sloping rear roofline gives the GLC43 a coupe-like shape.

Mercedes blends sports sedan, SUV in GLC43 Coupe

Mercedes has proven to be a master of high-performance sedans and SUVs, but the new AMG GLC43 Coupe combines the best features of both, with even a hot-rod exhaust sound.

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'Hot' CT5-V gets sibling rival in CT5 Luxury

In Cadillac's new model designation, the CT5 Premium Luxury and the CT5 V-Series are very similar, but the V-Series is the racy one.

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In fierce SUV competition, Ford has an Edge

In Ford's vast array of SUVs of all sizes, the 2020 Edge ST fits between the Escape and midsize Explorer, and adds a dose of sportiness with the 2.7 Turbo V6.

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Symbol of luxury, Avalon gets TRD spark

The Avalon remains Toyota's luxury sedan, but new for 2020 is the TRD version, which adds a sporty look and action while retaining luxury.

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Alfa gives Stelvio a little dose of Formula 1 spirit

Everything Alfa Romeo builds has an underlying dose of fun, and that is magnified when the Stelvio SUV adds the Quadrifoglio's Formula 1-engineered 505 horsepower.

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Redesigned grille gives Sonata a low, seductive look, befitting its new technology.

2020 Sonata: Sexy look, comfort, and 47 mpg!

The Sonata lifted Hyundai to elite status in 2011, and after top-ranked SUVs and luxury cars, the 2020 Sonata clearly reestablishes it as the company's signature vehicle.

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Seltos takes Kia on its own compact-SUV road

Kia has risen from its position as South Korean subsidiary to Hyundai to go its own way, and the 2021 Seltos proves that conclusively.

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Mazda fits CX-30 between CX-3 and CX-5

Mazda earned its niche in the automotive world with stylish and efficient cars before moving to the SUV world. Now is adding the CX-30 crossover between the CX-3 and CX-5 and man

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Lexus ES300h goes its own way -- smoothly

The Lexus 300 has always been the most basic sedan in Toyota's upscale line, but the new ES 300h has its own platform, newly revised engine and upgraded interior to add a sporty

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