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Galloping Mustang emblem stands alone on GT's blackened grille.

Wild Mustang GT still around, eager to be tamed

The Ford Mustang never missed a beat since changing U.S. automotive landscape 50 years ago, but the potent 2018 Mustang GT might be best of the breed.

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New 2019 Hyundai Veloster R-Spec is refined and adds performance features.

Veloster keeps quirks, adds power and refinement

Hyundai's Veloster was quirky when it hit the highway in 2011, and its second generation, for 2019, adds high-tech refinement, plus power, and still retains its quirkiness.

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The Dodge Demon is gone, but long live the 797-horsepower Challenger Hellcat Redeye for 2019.

New Rams, Jeeps, 797-hp Challengers await 2019

Dodge, and parent FCA, have some interesting new technical advances coming for 2019 models, but wanted to stress the outright joy of the hot-performing Challenger Hellcat Redeye,

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Showing off lines no Buick has ever shown, new Regal GS should spur sales.

Regal sedan remains, as stunning GS hatch

Buick has exercised its Opel connection for its new Regal Tour-X wagon, and its 2019 Regal GS gives new style and performance flair to the whole line.

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In the ever-expanding Infiniti SUTV stable, the 2019 QX50 is something special -- with variable compression power.

Varied compression makes QX50 constant

Along with its high-tech cars, Nissan's upscale Infiniti line is loaded with SUVs, but the 2019 QX50 might be the best ever, putting the long-awaited variable compression ration

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Headlights are high and foglights low on the unique Kona front end.

Kona gives Hyundai high-caffeine CUV

Hyundai sedans and SUVs have a tradition of providing technology and features at bargain prices, and its new subcompact Kona crossover is the latest evidence.

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Luxury grille sets off all-new 2019 Jetta.

Platform, engine, design turn page on Jetta

The loyal and unexciting Volkswagen Jetta flies to new heights as a 2019 model, with a new platform, new look, amazingly economical new engine -- and a new image.

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Acura made an official debut of the 2019 RDX at the MAMA Spring Rally, raising the technology and performance of the midsiz SUV.

MAMA Spring Rally springs best new vehicles

The 2019 Acura RDX was among 100 new vehicles, and as many auto media types made our annual pilgrammage to Elkhart Lake, Wis., for the MAMA Spring Rally.

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Black alloys, black trim and tiny "392" badge tips off that this is the loaded Durango.

Durango gets racier with SRT 6.4 Hemi

Every manufacturer has its SUVs these days, but if you think large utility vehicles are doomed to be boring, try the SRT 392 Dodge Durango, which is strong, quick and agile.

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Titan a pickup powerhouse before and after Midnight

Nissan's Titan competes at the top level of pickup engineering, and attracts new attention with its black-on-black Midnight Edition.

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