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Pure EV has 124-mile range and can recover 80 percent of full power in 23 minutes.

Ioniq gives Hyundai advanced EV and hybrid

Hyundai shot high with its new Ioniq, aiming for the most efficient electric vehicle, as well as the top-mileage hybrid and plug-in hybrid. EV with quick-charge recovery and 124-

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Jeep Compass still here, finds bold new path

In Jeep's array of successful SUVs, the Compass seemed forgotten. The new model, however, makes a giant stride to challenging siblings like Cherokee and Renegade.

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Looking more "mainstream" than Subarus normally do, the 2017 Impreza is entirely new.

New Impreza hidden in plain view

The Impreza has been a loyal soldier for Subaru, and its reward is an all-new platform, body, interior, and overall impression for 2017. The Impreza 2.0 Sport starts at $23,000.

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Atlas handled swollen rivers of Texas Hill Country with ease.

Atlas more than a shrug as VW's large SUV

Volkswagen's array of vehicles ranged from compact cars to midsize SUVs, but the company's dealers and customers wanted a large, 7-seat SUV -- so the Atlas was born.

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Mazda's CX-9 for 2017 has a sleeker and more luxurious demeanor.

As biggest Mazda, CX-9 fills key niche

As a small car company, Mazda can alter its course swiftly, and while revising its engines to Skyactiv potency and improving its sedans, it also heightened the technology of its

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Rugged exterior of Ram 2500 Power Wagon looks imposing, and fulfills that image.

Ram Power Wagon lives up to lofty image

It doesn't matter if you realize that Dodge made a rugged military truck called the Power Wagon during World War II, or even that you recall the first production version. The 201

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Mercedes Metdris vans offer reasonable size for cargo or riders.

Metris offers new reasons to tour auto show

Driving a new Mercedes Metris cargo van added to the curiosity of checking out the passenger version at the Twin Cities Auto Show.

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If it is intended to replace the late and beloved Taurus SHO, the Fusion Sport looks the part.

New Fusion adds flair with Sport model

Ford's Fusion has been a stalwart member of the growing midsize segment for years, but without fanfare the car's revision for 2017 has various upgrades -- including a Sport model

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Irregularity of winter blizzards are nothing to the allroad with its venerable quattro AWD.

Audi allroad returns with all-road perfection

Audi followed through on the idea of discontinuing its allroad wagon a couple of decades ago, but it is back for 2017, and it is lower and sleeker but still over-built for this e

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Toyota's diminutive C-HR could steal customers from the RAV4.

Compact crossovers rule auto-show world

High-profit large SUVs are manufacturers' favorites, but consumers prefer small compact crossovers, such as Toyota's new C-HR and an auto-show-full of others.

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