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Mazda designers blended style into every contour and crease of the CX-3.

2018 Mazda CX-3 churns on true vector through snow

Reviewers used to larger, roomier SUVs complained about the Mazda CX-3's lack of room, but the compact SUV is adequate for most, performs well and delivers over 30 mpg with AWD.

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Rain in Texas Hill Country caused the rivers to rise, and the Volvo XC40 never flinched.

XC40 is new, stylish, agile -- and still Volvo-safe

Volvo continues to roll out impressive new members of its expanding family, and the XC40 is the latest example -- a compact utility with zip, agility and style..

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Lexus LF-1 Limitless attracted maximum attention as an SUV concept.

Chicago Show: Cars, stars...and deep-dish pizza

The Chicago Auto Show is the most fun of the major U.S. shows, and it runs through Monday, Feb. 19, showing everything new, and concepts like the Lexus LF-1 Limitless.

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Completely new from the pillars forward, the 2018 Cherokee loses its unique front.

Cherokee altered for 2019 as mainstream winner

The unique face that set the Cherokee apart from the Jeep family has been altered for the new 2019 model, which boasts a high-tech new engine.

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Mustang and Camaro are worthy foes, but GT model makes Challenger a year-round winner.

Challenger GT goes, where others spin their tires

Enthusiast drivers love the retro 1970 styling cues of ponycars, and they no longer must park them in winter, since the Challenger GT hit the road with great handling and AWD.

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Unveiling of 2019 Ram 1500 with much more refined look earned Best in Show from Cars.com.

Light on new cars, Detroit show features trucks

Tradition has been dimmed by competing auto shows, but Detroit's North American Auto Show still had highlights, including the introduction of the 2019 Ram pickup.

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia combines external beauty with potent performance and superb handling.

Let's say you select your own car, truck of the year

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit is early January's site for naming car, truck, and SUV of the year. But we can pick our own, and we'll start with the Alfa R

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Cover them with an overnight snowfall, and the Rogue (left)  and RAV4 are more similar -- take your pick.

Nissan's Rogue worthy challenger for Toyota's RAV4

The new Nissan Rogue and the popular Toyota RAV4 are among the top-selling compact SUVs, but with a layer of overnight snow on them, they prove more similar than different.

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Grand Cherokee is a popular Jeep SUV, but Jeep owners won't believe TrackHawk model.

Jeep's TrackHawk really DASHES through the snow

The SVT gang that has turned Dodge Chargers and Challengers into factory hot-rods worked their magic on the Grand Cherokee to put the Hellcat drivetrain underneath for an overwhe

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Gleaming pearlescent white paint is almost as distinctive as the Giulia's signature red.

Quadrifoglio gives Giulia 505-horsepower kick

Alfa Romeo has finally brought its prized Giulia compact sport sedan to market, and after captivating us with the turbo-4 version, it has brought out the $65,000 twin-turbo V6 mo

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